The Tween Room

Definition:  TWEEN
A less-than-12, more-than-7 girl, with the mind of a 20-year-old.  One who listens to your choice, and chooses the opposite.  She's pink or blue, and if she likes blue, she hates pink.  She's Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, and not Hannah Montana (anymore).  Too old to go to Flying Horses (unless no one's watching).  Prefers an Orange Julius, at DQ Edgartown, over a cone dipped with sprinkles.  Playdates are passe, it's "getting together", please!

It's about now, that the room needs an overhaul, if she hasn't begged and pleaded with catalog in hand, already.  Oh, and twin beds...yes...must have a place for her BFF to stay.

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Images via:  Domino, Vogue Living, Harper's Bazaar, Better Homes & Gardens, Diane Bergeron, La Dolce Vita, and MABelle.

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