Boston Cuisine - Fashionista Style

The polar opposite of life on the Vineyard, would be heading-off to visit the newly opened Ames Boston, and revisiting your favorite Executive Chef, Mark Goldberg at Woodward.  Just opened in November...

The atmosphere is energy-driven, classic-traditional meets mod and "Ben Franklin meets Supermodel".
Sounds perfect for a persona that is divided between the laid-back, colonial life of Martha's Vineyard - who can't live without the indulgence of city life!

After departing his tenure at Lure/Winnetu, Mark and my Vineyard Youth Tennis co-heart, Erin (his wife), packed up their three girls to head back to Boston for the the several-month undertaking, of preparing the Woodward for opening.  Known for his New England, cuisine-roasted faire...I'm dying to try the "hash" menu (a la lobster!).

All the best, Mark...many congrats!

(photo Mark Goldberg:  STUFF Boston/Louisa Kasdon, photo: Woodward via UrbanDaddy.com)

Asian Influx

...found these fabulous chairs on ebay.  Put them in a Federal-style, black-shuttered, white clapboard home with new burlap seat covers.  My front door should be this color red...it's the perfect, worn red.


Really...their teeth were chattering...

Every year, my kids know that sometime in mid-December....far too late, to be getting your Christmas cards done...that I am going to drag them somewhere, to get a photo.  They can't stand it...they can't wait for it to be over..."it's torture", they say.  Although sunny...it was in the 30's, with a chilly, ocean breeze...ahhh, torture!


Great Gifts for the Hostess...

...you can never have enough wool blankets, serving trays or candlesticks, on the Vineyard.  If you're joining someone at their home, for the holidays...a nice way to say thanks for the welcoming visit. Found these at Jayson.


Horse Heaven...Inspiration

from the pages of Traditional Home.  I love the clever door with the pooch access....available at Woodstone Architectural Windows & Doors, 802/722-9217, in Vermont.  The French appeal of this farm house, really bodes well with a vineyard property.  The home was designed by Virginia architect, Mark Buchanan, AIA of Neumann Lewis Buchanan Architects in Middleburg, VA.  Interior designer, Shoshana Datlow.
Photos:  Ron Blunt (beautiful work!)


Architectural Details - G.P. Schafer, Architect

Sweet Little Day Dress

Erica Tanov, photo by Leslie Williamson.

Classic Farm - W. Tisbury Inspiration

The amazing work of Amelia T. Handegan...my favorite is the wall of twins...can't you imagine the kids loving bedtime?  And that master suite...crawl into bed, fireside, and never want to leave...

Time for the Holidays

Putting preparations into place for the turkey feast...there's hardly enough time to put a Fall wreath on the door, before December is here!  We'll be spending our Thanksgiving, with just the four of us...still overcoming the flu, so we aren't able to travel to Michigan to see my family.   Lots of leftovers!