On Having a Good Day...

"I've come to the conclusion that enthusiasm is perhaps the greatest asset anyone can have. It is the key ingredient to success. You can have a wealth of skills, but if your heart is not in it, your work will reflect it. If you have enthusiasm, you will find the energy to acquire the necessary skills and draw to you all the people and support you need to succeed. enthusiasm beats power, money and influence." 
~Joan Lunden

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Out & About

...oh when will Morning Glory be open?  
This Friday, May 28th!!

Photos:  Farm: Pyden, Girl: Paul Costello


Meg Ryan's Vineyard Home

Thanks to the editors at Elle Decor...we have a sneak peek inside the home of Meg Ryan (situated on seven, lush acres of Martha's Vineyard).  Meg enlisted the help of Satinwood, Ltd. interior design...but she was the driving visionary behind her own project.  There are many of us who contain the innate talent to renovate and design a home...a home to "others"...but when it comes to our own home, nothing is better than having a trusty, sounding board - to help convey our boundless supply of ideas.   "I’m constantly ripping pages out of magazines in search of inspiration.” - says Meg.  Her home office must look like mine...

The June issue, will be on newsstands May 25th.
Photos:  William Waldron - beautiful work!  We'll have to share more of his talent!

Meet Margaret Russell: Boston, June 8th

A fabulous opportunity to meet three-time author, and editor-in-chief of Elle Decor, Margaret Russell, as she presents the BDC Seminar Series.  She will be sharing illustrated examples of the finest, interior spaces from her new book, Style and Substance, with book-signing and lunch to follow.

Send me a note, if you'll be to see you there!

Tuesday, June 8th:  11am-12pm
Boston Design Center
Fifth Floor Seminar Room, Suite 548
RSVP required:  617-338-5072

Love this...

...have you ever felt this way?  
A wonderful, stop-motion video for the 50th anniversary of the Olympus Pen.  The years ARE flying many memories...if you just take the time to really think back on them.  Doesn't matter if you're 25 or's funny how you still feel the same inside.


American Classic - The Fisherman's Cottage

A favorite for the kick-back, beaching, catch-your-own-fresh-fish, summer crowd.  Here is the flip-side to the "new" resort look...a well-lived, historic home can have character without having the feeling of a worn-out rag.  Exposed rafters and roof boards left in their original state, open-grate cabinetry for ventilation of seaside breeze (crafted by cabinet-maker Carter Mitchell), and objects found for accessorizing.  A fresh coat of floor paint, a uniform theme of boating classic.

Via House Beautiful.  Photos: Christopher Baker

Lacquered Navy


On Prospect Hill

Wednesday:  High 76/Sunny 
Can you believe this weather (it is early-May, isn't it)?  I decided to head out on a hike today, with friend Alison from Whole Health Alliance (a wonderful holistic medicine practice, here on island).   We decided to hike Menemsha Hills, and stopped to snap this pic before plopping down under a shady tree to munch on raw cashews and fruit.  It was so just the quiet.


Katie Holmes as Jackie O

Saw this post on InStyle:
"Katie Holmes has been tapped to play Jacqueline Kennedy in the History Channel's new miniseries The Kennedys.  With her cropped bob, demure smile and penchant for classic fashion....".

Katie, to me, has always looked like a Jackie-O descendant who has long, been grooming for this iconic role.  The 8-hour series will also add Greg Kinnear, as President John F. Kennedy, Jr., and is slated to broadcast sometime in 2011.  For more details, go to InStyle.

Photos credits:  via Instyle: Ted West/Getty, Benhamou Serge/Gamma; Keystone/Getty, Wireimage House; Paul Popper Popperfoto/Getty; Kennedy Library, Broadimage; Time Life Pictures/Getty, Eric Ryan/Getty; Getty/Wenn; Time Life Pictures/Getty, John Paul Filo/Landor