Military Doeskin Coat with Shearling Panel:  Burberry

ArtCliff Diner:  39 Beach Road, Vineyard Haven (7-2, closed t/w)
Let me just pause here for a moment, and tell you about the ultimate hot chocolate at ArtCliff. It is made with Mexican, cocoa bean chocolate and fresh, "whole" milk.  Topped off with the most decadent, homemade-tasting whipped cream and served in a fat, ivory mug with a chunky handle.  The feeling-chilly-day solution.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the place...forget about getting a table in summer...lines out the door, and long wait.  Now, is the perfect time to go.  The food is scrumptious...well-priced.  Frequent celeb hang-out...always seeing one or another there, trying to hide behind big Jackie-O glasses, or a knit hat and scruffy beard (Jake...).

Fall view of Edgartown Great Pond at the golden calming and postcard lovely.

Photos:  Burberry, Nordstrom, Yelp, and Pyden