A Journey of Stones - Martha's Vineyard Fireplace

What does this stone want to be?  That is what my professor of architecture, used to say.
He liked to imagine he was Louis Kahn:
“To express is to drive.

And when you want to give something presence,
you have to consult nature.
And there is where Design comes in.
 And if you think of Brick, for instance,
and you say to Brick,
"What do you want Brick?"
And Brick says to you
"I like an Arch."
And if you say to Brick
"Look, arches are expensive,
and I can use a concrete lentil over you.
What do you think of that?"
Brick says:
"... I like an Arch"”

These stones were reclaimed, by Rockwell Masonry, from an old wall in Watertown, CT where the homeowners wanted all removed, and new landscaping put in (can you imagine letting go of this history?)  - shipped in a truck, brought over on a ferry to the Vineyard, and then hand-picked and assembled to form this striking piece of fireplace architecture (firebox - Vermont soapstone).  Can't wait to see the finished result of this home with it's modern aesthetics and historical details.  Architecture by Breese Architects.  Bespoke stone fireplaces by Greg Pyden, Rockwell Masonry.

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  1. Beautiful fireplace. Stone mason conceives a vision then made it a masterpiece. Love it!