It's a Beautiful Morning...

Have a great weekend.  Another sumptuous getaway expected...70 degrees and perfectly sunny!

Saturday 5/1:  "Water is Life" event hosted by National Geographic.
Saturday 5/1:  MV Film Society premieres "Shark Eden"- by National Geographic, be first to view in the U.S. - 8:00pm.
Saturday 5/1:  Ride the Vineyard 25k, 50k, 100k fundraiser for MS.
Sunday 5/2:  Watch tennis legend, Jimmy Arias (former #5 World), play Michael Halisky at the VYT Courts, 1:00pm.

Photo:  Pyden

Red, Black & Blue

1.  Vintage anew, don't be afraid to paint the antiques.
2.  Re-purposed armoire in the Dining Room.
3.  Hardwood and a wool rug in the bath...better than tile.

Images via House Beautiful:  Photos 1,2 Victoria Pearson; 3 Thomas Loof


Five Fingers (Toes, actually)

Have you ever seen these, crazy things?  Well they were found running in the Boston Marathon, this past week...and it was as close to being barefoot, as you could get (some even ran barefoot).

A recent article about Vibram Five Fingers, appeared in Time, and apparently Mexico's Tarahumara Indians routinely ran ultra-marathons wearing only thin rubber sandals or no shoes at all (experts urge caution before chucking your Asics).  The American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation concluded that "running in shoes exerts more stress on the knee, hip and ankle than does running barefoot or walking in high heels" (per the article)...interesting.

I think they would be great for sailing and rowing...or walks on the beach.  I'm going to pick up a pair, and I'll let you know what I think.  I'm not sure if I can get used to having all that material between my toes, but we shall see.

Photos via Five Fingers facebook site.


Farm Neck Golf - Bucket of Balls

The golf course is open...time to hit some balls.  There is a junior program at Farm Neck, in case you haven't heard (and you'll enjoy the incredible views and peaceful surroundings, while you wait).  Give Kyle Fiore a call, for details.

Have a fantastic weekend!  Enjoy all the gorgeousness that Saturday is sure to bring!


A Photographer's Enclave

I have long admired, the lifestyle/beauty photography work of Amy Neunsinger - so when I saw the spread of Amy and Shawn's Laurel Canyon home, in the February 2010 issue of House Beautiful, I was stopped in my tracks.  Photographers understand the play of light against various textures and openings, and this 5-year project was fine-tuned to their desires by architect, Juan Felipe Goldstein.  The play of vintage pieces against industrial space, was just perfect.  I found more photos and info, posted over at Apartment Therapy, if you want to take a peek.

Photos:  Amy Neunsinger/scanned via House Beautiful-Feb 2010


Reclaimed Wood Floors

...they're beautiful, won't require deforestation, and have a richer grain and patina than "engineered" (ie: newly harvested) wood floors.  The Mountain Lumber Co. was one such vendor, in my files, to obtain the amazing sampling above, which was reclaimed from Guinness beer vats!


White Linen Love

This bedroom (click on photo to enlarge) is just so relaxed and comfortable looking.  Those floor-to-ceiling shutters - I love natural light pouring in, and how the light changes the white, depending on the weather.

Via Dream Rooms.

English Eccentricity

...a bit of classic inspiration from homeowners Stephen Fillmore and Sean Ward, a beautifully-styled 1870's Georgian, via Style at Home.

Photos:  Virginia Macdonald


Home Opener

The Vineyard home-opening weekend, is fast approaching.  Pools will soon be humming along with the sound of deck lounges being dragged out and placed into position.  In May and June, a sit by the pool with a good read, is actually comprehendable.

With pockets of sun and surprising, recent temps in the 70's (in April?)...we all know it's just a tease, but also a reminder of what's to come (and not soon enough), for our days on the Vineyard.  The swimsuit-ready push has already begun...everyone is hitting the gym, cutting indulgences (...for now...those indulgences will be better served, in August!).  I adore this summer fashion collection, via Country Road.  Can't wait for summer!    


Your Investment Home - First Class Resort

Liz Williams, found via Atlanta Homes Magazine, of a recent project she completed on Amelia Island. What your renters are looking for, when they think of how they would like to spend a few weeks on Martha's Vineyard.  If you want to see your property booked for the summer...take note...a little re-furbishing (paint and crisp, new bed linens in the least),  goes a long way.


Into the Misty - Seaside Cottage

 Inspirational, seaside property by KML.  It's a great day to catch up on paperwork and errands.  Have a fabulous weekend...

Stylist:  Katrine Martensen-Larsen, Cottage Photos:  Stuart McIntyre