Five Fingers (Toes, actually)

Have you ever seen these, crazy things?  Well they were found running in the Boston Marathon, this past week...and it was as close to being barefoot, as you could get (some even ran barefoot).

A recent article about Vibram Five Fingers, appeared in Time, and apparently Mexico's Tarahumara Indians routinely ran ultra-marathons wearing only thin rubber sandals or no shoes at all (experts urge caution before chucking your Asics).  The American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation concluded that "running in shoes exerts more stress on the knee, hip and ankle than does running barefoot or walking in high heels" (per the article)...interesting.

I think they would be great for sailing and rowing...or walks on the beach.  I'm going to pick up a pair, and I'll let you know what I think.  I'm not sure if I can get used to having all that material between my toes, but we shall see.

Photos via Five Fingers facebook site.

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