Winter Olympics - Vancouver

The Winter Olympics are my absolute favorite...figure skating, mogul freestyle, speed skating, luge...love it all.  They keep pushing the risk element further each year...very exciting to watch, but unfortunately,  doing so has resulted in the death of the Georgian luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili...so sad.

Opening Ceremony...love to see all the apparel that defines each country.  I adore timeless style, and no one does all-american better than Ralph Lauren,  I coveted one of those knit caps...but waited too long...sold out!

Cannot wait to see Tanith and Ben perfrom Feb. 19, 21, 22.  They used to train in my Michigan hometown...at the Arctic Edge arena (in fact, a lot of World Champions have come out of that place).  In the Cup of China 2009 competition, they skated to Ave Maria/Prayer...it was the most beautiful ice dance I have ever seen...emotional.