Get Your Bettye's On

The Expats and I will be joining up for a bit of tea and scones at tommorrow's morning festivities.  Don't know if the Bettye's will make it out of the closet and onto my feet for such an early call...


  1. You were spot on in regards to your prediction of Kate's dress and tiara. She was stunning, the ceremony was perfect. I had friends over, as well, and I'm still in amazement of the sheer simple elegance of the event. Hope you enjoyed, too!

  2. Yes...up at 430 and did enjoy it. I couldn't wait to see what she would wear. I do have to say, that Princess Diana's wedding was far more intense and exciting (maybe it was my age at the time?). Now the media will be on bump watch - but what new bride doesn't have to deal with that, anyways?