Just Being Audrey

Having just returned from the SCBWI conference in NY, I thought I would share one of the upcoming titles in children's literature that I thought was particularly fantastic - Just Being Audrey.  I swooned over the illustrations by Julia Denos, so lovely!   Author, Margaret Cardillo, does an amazing job of introducing our children to the world of philanthropy.  The joy of giving to others, as only Audrey Hepburn could inspire, a collectible book indeed.


  1. I have read this book and it is what you say. A beautifully written and illustrated book about a lovely "icon" that our children should know about. It is delightful! Thank you.

  2. What a beautiful video! I would love to get a copy for my daughter...do they have them at Bunch of Grapes?

  3. Checking with Susan at Bunch of Grapes, for you...will post when I find out, Tamara. Thanks.