Tween Christmas Wish List

Each year, "one" item costs as much as the pile of gifts they used to receive when they were in kindergarten...

The Girl

Clothing:  Lots of "leggings".  A big hat with pom pons on the ends.  A duffle coat.  Some warm/cozy flannel PJ bottoms.  "Sweet" t-shirts.  Those big boots with the colored-laces (Sorel's).

Books:  Adores the cover of "The Candymakers" by Wendy Mass, "Savvy" by Ingrid Law (again, a "wow" cover...and the girlfriends are reading it, and it's "really good"), and "Touch Blue" by Cynthia Lord (just purchased at the Scholastic Book Fair, it's about island kids who are trying a drastic move to keep their school from closing.  She is enjoying her early Christmas present).

Speaking of candy...a gingerbread house kit would be nice.  Or anything from Goodship Lollipop!

Music:  Wants ("wants" - under your breath...the way Brick does on The Middle...) an iTouch....and gift card from iTunes.  Still liking Taylor Swift.  And please, these headphones.

Bedroom:  Just redone last wants a big loft bed.
Sorry, luv, I know you no longer believe in Santa Claus....but that definately won't fit down the chimney.

The Boy
all he a Nintendo DSi...that's it.
Boys are so easy.  I didn't say inexpensive...but easy.  

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