Card Schlepping...

Once again, that tedious task has arrived.  Time to drag the kids out onto a stretch of sand or magical forest somewhere on the island, to take the annual Christmas photo.  It's usually bitter cold, and they hate you for it.  "Is this the last one? more pictures!  Can we go home, now?"...haha....nope.  Just a few more!

If you're looking for a great photographer on MV, here are some favorites that come to mind:
Nicole Friedler
Jocelyn Filley
and Joe Mikos
...see if they can squeeze you in.

In pursuit of this year's ideal card, I found several appealing designs at Rainy Day and Bunch of Grapes, in Vineyard Haven.

If you're the can find the above cards at Minted, Fine Stationery and Pear Tree Greetings.  Adorable tartan plaid jacket at Kayce Hughes.
Reminder:  December 10-12 is Christmas in Edgartown weekend...more on that coming up.

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