One of my favorites...

...from the pages of Veranda, is this Napa residence designed by architect, Howard Backen, of Backen, Gillam & Kroeger Architects.  The ceiling height, large sliding-steel barn doors and use of natural finishes in stone and reclaimed wood give way to a compelling mix of rustic and refined.  The home blends seamlessly with it's environment.  Elementally comfortable, with a presence of history.  I can't tell, by my tear sheets, how long I have been saving this as inspiration...but I still admire it, in a timeless sense.  Could see this type of home, so easily, in a Chilmark setting.

Interior design, by the ever-talented and eco-conscious Barbara Colvin - adore her beautiful use of unbleached, undyed natural flax linen.   Barbara spent more than thirty years as a textile and product designer, and she posesses an amazing collection of 19th and 20th century linens, collected throughout her entire life.

Photos:  Alec Hemer/for Veranda

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