A Return to Domino Magazine

Domino devotees may have recently caught wind of their former, favorite decor mag at under the Home Decor tab (or maybe not, if you are not a bride to be) - thank you to Julie Raimondi, Editor-in-Chief, and the team for getting it back for us! A favorite magazine for so many, has been granted access to the Domino archives, for online publishing via Conde Nast.

Can you remember the senseless death of our favorites, just over a year ago?  Conde Nast started dropping titles like a loose-handed pregnant woman.  And just when we thought we could only peruse through back-issues...some of those titles starting resurfacing as iPad apps. Gourmet Magazine, GQ, Vanity Fair, Wired, Glamour and New Yorker...all iPad interfaced, now.  Could next?  hmmm...

Still missing my glossy paper pages.  Nothing like returning to your bookshelves, to flip through dog-eared, back copies for ideas.  Those late nights, after everyone is in bed... just you and your magazine with the news on in the background...all curled up on the sofa, with time for your thoughts.  ...Bliss.

Photos:  Conde Nast

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