Boston Cuisine - Fashionista Style

The polar opposite of life on the Vineyard, would be heading-off to visit the newly opened Ames Boston, and revisiting your favorite Executive Chef, Mark Goldberg at Woodward.  Just opened in November...

The atmosphere is energy-driven, classic-traditional meets mod and "Ben Franklin meets Supermodel".
Sounds perfect for a persona that is divided between the laid-back, colonial life of Martha's Vineyard - who can't live without the indulgence of city life!

After departing his tenure at Lure/Winnetu, Mark and my Vineyard Youth Tennis co-heart, Erin (his wife), packed up their three girls to head back to Boston for the the several-month undertaking, of preparing the Woodward for opening.  Known for his New England, cuisine-roasted faire...I'm dying to try the "hash" menu (a la lobster!).

All the best, Mark...many congrats!

(photo Mark Goldberg:  STUFF Boston/Louisa Kasdon, photo: Woodward via UrbanDaddy.com)

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